I saw this recipe on Pintrest and thought it looked yummy for my grandgirls. I have some really cute silicon cups that I will make them in. I hope they are a success!

These look yummy!

These look yummy!

1 pkg chocolate instant pudding
1 1/2 C milk
2 C Cool Whip.
Dissolve pudding in milk, whip in Cool Whip. Spoon into 3 oz cups and insert popsicle stick. Freeze.


Softball Season

Thank goodness. Softball season is back.

I love sitting with like-minded (crazy about softball) people who love watching their beloved girls out on the field trying their best. My granddaughter is on a great team. The parents get along with no drama (rare), the girls get along with no drama (rarer), and the coaches are terrific.

My granddaughter plays catcher. She is just great at it. I have loved watching her evolve from good to awesome. Her throwdowns to 2nd base this year are strong and accurate. She is the team’s power hitter. What a future for this little girl!

Kaylea popping up to throwdown to 2nd.

Kaylea popping up to throwdown to 2nd.

Now my little Kam is playing t-ball. What a joy to watch the babies learn the love of the game. Her team is just practicing now. Her season starts in a couple of weeks. Cannot wait to cheer her on!


Kam as Minnie Mouse

My little Kammie sat so patiently while I practiced a new face on her. I am still preparing for our fundraiser tomorrow. This is Minnie Mouse.Minnie Mouse

Handy files for face painting

I love to share the resources that I find or make with others who can use them.

Being somewhat new to facepainting, I don’t have many actual pictures of my work. I have developed some resources to help me show kids ideas. I also use these to develop ideas before I try them out on my lucky granddaughters. Here is an idea page for our Safari Souper Sunday.

facepainting samples

I have made full face blanks and 3/4 profile blanks. If you can use them, help yourself! They are PDFs.

Full Face Blanks                3/4 Profile Blanks


I am preparing for a fundraiser. The agency I work for, TSHA, has its annual fundraiser this coming weekend. My biggest contribution to the event is facepainting.  The theme this year is A Safari Souper Sunday so I’ve been practicing some new safari faces on my grandkids. Here are four of the faces I have done.

Little blue elephant

Bad photo but the paint job was fun.

Bad photo but the paint job was fun.

Fancy Eyes

Credit for the pattern goes to Lisa Joy Young.

Credit for the pattern goes to Lisa Joy Young.

He does it again!

We had a tiny hole-in-the-wall dining room. My wonderful DIY husband knocked down the wall between the tiny dining room and our old bedroom. It tripled the size of our dining room!
The light fixture that was centered in the tiny dining room is now way off center! We really needed more light in there and needed a new light fixture. What to do about the way off center outlet?
We had these porcelain light shades that were made back in the 20’s-30’s. He had bought them at various time, various places, but they all matched.

He made a frame of from pipe and painted it flat black. It has pendants dropped down at each end and one in the center.

One end is wired to the off center outlet and the other end is fastened to the ceiling. That solved the problem of how to center a light fixture!
The green shades go really well with our Fire King collection. I am so proud of him!

We bought some vintage Edison light bulbs. They cast a soft warm glow in the room and look great!


More quilts and inspiration

My little granddaughter, the 5 year old, really, really, really loved the pink, black, and white quilt I just finished. She begged for it. When I asked what she liked about it she said it was pink and bright.

What my baby Kam wants, my baby Kam gets. Gramma just picked up some more material to make sweet baby Kam a quilt. (Who’s spoiled??) She also likes the color purple to the extreme so my plan is to make a pink, purple, black, and white quilt. The new material will combine with some I already have in my scrap material drawers. I think I will make a log cabin quilt with thick stripes. The finished blacks will be 12″x 12″. The center will be 4″ blocks.

Materials for a pink and purple quilt

Materials for a pink and purple quilt

My oldest granddaughter, 13 years old, has decided to change the color of her bedroom. For a few years now it has been a vivid pink with black and white zebra. Her school mascot is a zebra so everything in her room has reflected that.

She must be growing up because she has now decided to go with teal, black, and white – no zebra. She can still incorporate many things she already has in her room like her new black bean bag chair. This is such a sophisticated color palette. I am a bit surprised that she chose it. This is her inspiration picture. How peaceful is this?! I like the little zings of orange as accent color, but I think Kaylea is going with a coral red. Pretty!



I found this material yesterday and thought it was perfect. It will be the basis for a new quilt for her room. I think it’s lovely. Now to find some additional fabrics and to find the perfect piece with the coral red in it. I don’t want too much though. Just a little flair here and there will be sufficient.

Teal, black, and white material

Teal, black, and white material

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