All the rain in Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma has raised rivers and lakes to near record level. The runoff is converging into the lake 10 miles from our house. Lake Oologah is expected to crest at 109% above flood pool. In 1986 Lake Oologah released 300,000 cubic feet per second which resulted in a 100 year flood. Our bottomland was more than 10 feet under water.

This flood will be nowhere near that level of disaster but it is plenty bad enough. We are watching the lake levels closely and the release of water into the Verdigris River.

Here are some pics:

David and Kaylea watching the water rise at the lake. It rose 6 inches in an hour.

David and Kaylea watching the water rise

This area of the lake has boat ramps, a large parking lot, volleyball nets, changing areas and bathrooms. It is now all underwater.

Oologah Lake July 4, 2007

Another view of this same area.


The channel below the dam. The channel is about 50′ deep. There is about 6′ left to the top of the channel.

Oologah Lake July 4, 2007

The Verdigris River about 2.5 miles from our house. It is typically 100′ or so from the bottom of the bridge to the river. Today it is 20′ below the bridge. You can see it is nearly out of its banks and will soon be seeping into the pastures near the river.

Verdigris River - Old Highway 88 bridge


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. texastaylorfan
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 21:51:47

    Wow, Brenda. Be careful! Those are great pictures.

    Our lake (Lake Lewisville) is overflowing too. It has a spillway that has spilled the lake onto the driving range nearby. I think I told you that our exit off of I-35 has been closed because the access road is underwater.

    We have an article in our Dallas paper today that says meteorologists are predicting the same kind of rain in July that we had in June. Yikes.

    Stay dry!


  2. brenda
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 22:05:08


    We’re good. It is expected to crest today and move on. Thankfully we are on higher ground.

    You be careful, too.

    We’ve been hearing July will be a wet month, too. Sigh… my husband really needs to bail some hay!


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