Bike Riding

When I was 13 – 14 or so I rode my old, second-hand Schwinn bike everywhere. I was on that bike constantly. YEARS later my daughter Misty got a new bike and I got on it. I got right back off it again, too. It hurt to sit on it. Do you suppose when I was 13 I had calluses on my behind? If so, they are definitely gone now!

To get some exercise, some friends from church and my family have been going to a two-mile path around the lake we live near. They walk and I ride Misty’s bike. I have a problem with the heel of my foot and can’t walk for very long but I can ride! I think the calluses are coming back.

My husband and I are talking about buying two bikes and a bike rack to go on my car. The thought is we will go on trips, park our car, and head off on our bikes to see the sights. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it.


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