A walking color book

My granddaughter thinks I am her walking coloring book. Whenever she thinks of something she wants drawn, gramma will do it. I cannot imagine why she would think that. *rolling eyes at myself*

The other night she asked for an indian woman. I don’t know why other than they were studying native americans at school. I drew this up for her in about an hour and a half. I thought once she got it, that would be that. Evidently she really likes it because she keeps it put up and protected.


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  1. Jean Warner
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 15:32:51

    Two thoughts:
    1.) You have inspired me to take the plunge and move up to a more complicated phone. Now, what body of water can I drop my Razor into?!

    2.) I have an ongoing fantasy that someday there will be a coloring book featuring outstanding Oklahoma women. I have helped produce an Oklahoman newspaper insert for the past two years during Women’s History month that featured stories on Oklahoma women but we had to use photographs. Think I can get some talented artists (like yourself) to produce some simple sketches of Oklahoma women? I am thinking probably just their faces although Shannon Miller flipping would be fun. Just an idea!

    I like your blog, mucho.


  2. brenda
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 15:46:52

    grin! The body of water my razr plunged into was the toilet. *red-faced* It was in my pocket and fell out. I was trying to hold out for a new iPhone but my razr went swimming and had to be replaced.

    I’m pretty happy with my Q though that beautiful touch screen on the iPhones is really nice.

    Great idea about the coloring book. If you get serious, let me know. I might be interested!


  3. Amie Johnson
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 03:27:43

    My daughter loves your drawing. We have been looking for a picture of a Native American Indian that she could use for a book report. Unfortunately there are none that don’t look like a cartoon. She wanted to use your picture, but I told her that we needed to ask your permission first.



  4. brenda
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 14:00:06

    Amie, how sweet! Feel free to right click-save. Thank you for asking. Good luck to your daughter on her report. I hope she makes a really good grade on it.


  5. Moriah Wind
    Nov 13, 2011 @ 06:40:16

    I would like your permissioin to use this drawing in my book video


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