Softball tonight!

I love watching my granddaughters do anything. Anything at all. It might be Kam sliding down her new slide. Or it might be Kaylea interacting with her friends. Could be Kam talking to total strangers and seeing them respond to her.

And tonight? Tonight David and I will be watching Kaylea play softball. I will freely admit it. I am hooked on softball. Or hmmmm…. perhaps I am just hooked on this particular team. I have enjoyed watching them learn new skills, try them out on the field, and do well.

Kaylea has been with this group of girls for three years now. They play spring, summer, and fall ball so they are together a lot. This is the best group of girls. They all get along very well – more like a group of good friends instead of softball players. The parents are spectacular which is probably why the girls are so great.

So tonight my husband and I will be sitting in the bleachers on a beautiful spring evening. We’ll be chatting with some good people. We’ll be cheering for the best little 12U softball team ever. And our loudest and best cheers will be for that little catcher. She’s gramma’s darlin’. Go, Storm! Go, Kaylea!

Kaylea catching

Kaylea catching