More church sketches

Another week, another Sunday, another sketch or two.

Listening to the preacher

Listening to the preacher


Church Sketch

It almost torture to sit still at church and listen to preaching.

Not that our pastor is boring. That’s not it at all. He’s great.

I cannot hardly sit still to listen if I don’t do something with my hands. Even at home I cannot just sit and watch TV without having something in my hands to do. Otherwise I am jumping up every little bit to go do something.

So I sketch. It really does help me listen.


Working calves

David is leasing a bigger pasture with two of his friends. They are going to put 15 pairs of cows/calves each on the pasture.

Saturday David and I were working the calves. This means we were giving worm shots and shots to prevent blackleg to each calf. Their mommas also got worm shots. Mommas got a new large numbered ear tag while their baby got a smaller matching ear tag.

We found out that our Bella, a Miniature Australian Shepherd, is learning how to work cattle. She’s still young at 6 months and has never been trained. David and I have no idea how to go about it. Saturday while working the cows she was out there with us. She started bringing the cows and calves from one pen to another, bringing them down the runway, bringing them into lot to be sorted, and running them out of the lot. She needed a bit of direction but really she did a lot on her own.

In this video watch for the little blue merle. She is running beside David until she figures out what he wants. Once she has it she takes those calves right on down the runway and out into the pasture. She did so well!