Doodling! It’s good for the brain.

I’ve known since childhood I concentrate better when I doodle. When I am not allowed to doodle my mind drifts off into another world, another space, another time. I end up hearing absolutely nothing of the meeting.

People who don’t doodle don’t seem to understand. And that’s fine. There is no common experience to relate to.  Fellow doodlers grab each other by the elbow, look each other in the eye, and exclaim, “I know! Right?!” Well, maybe it’s not quite as dramatic as that, but there is an acknowledgement of a shared mystery.

I just found an article, or rather Facebook found it for me, that doodlers concentrate better while doodling! Here is a link to the article. There is some pretty amazing doodle/art on the page as well.




Fire King

My husband is a collector. I am a trasher. He gathers; I throw away. He stores; I get rid of. Get the picture?

He does have this fabulous collection of Fire King dishes. When he was a young boy his mother had a breakfast set of Fire King. They weren’t that old when she had them. She has since passed away and he ended up with her old Fire King milk pitcher. That one piece led to another which led to another. Soon he had a sizable collection of Fire King pieces. This is a small sampling of his collection.

Fire King Dishes

Fire King Dishes

Our daughter on the east coast found a gorgeous little divided plate to add to his collection. She wrapped it carefully and shipped to us via UPS. When it arrived the little dish was broken. My husband was so upset. He had been so excited.

Fire King Divided Plate

Fire King Divided Plate

Now the work on trying to collect the insurance money from UPS begins. Last time this happened it took over a year before we had a check in hand.

Repurposed cabinet

My husband is greatly talented when it comes to creative ways to repurpose objects. I wanted a cabinet to store my Blue Ridge Pottery dishes. I wanted it old and weathered looking.

He had these old windows that he and his father removed from his aunt’s house back in the late 50s-early 60s. How he kept them intact all this time is a mystery to me. He also had an old barn door that had a beautiful, weathered gray patina. Just gorgeous.

He took the windows for the doors. He used the old barn door for the two sides and the back. I love everything about this old cabinet. It’s like he peered into my mind and saw the image I had pictured. Perhaps 35 years of marriage will do that.

Repurposed cabinet -

Repurposed cabinet –

Trying out a new tangle

How fun! This tangle is called Munchin. The names for all these tangles are strange and I cannot ever remember their names. This was a new tangle to me though not so new to the world. I enjoy the flow and ebb of this tangle.

Munchin -

Munchin –

Things to do while the husband is sick and sleeping

My poor, poor husband. He was diagnosed with Influenza Type A yesterday. He’s very sick. He is an active, can’t sit still kind of guy, but all he has done for two days is sleep.

So while he has been sleeping I have cleaned house and disinfected with Lysol. I wiped down everything I could think of to wipe down. Noise hurts his head, so I am trying to keep the house very quiet. My sewing machine is in another part of the house, so I decided to quilt a bit.

I am working on a red, white, and black quilt. I was going to give it to my 13 yo granddaughter, but I don’t think it is fun enough for her. I will make her a quilt in another fashion later. It will probably be softball related. I will have to think on it.

This quilt has had a couple of evolutions. I started out making just a red and white Pinwheel but decided it needed a third color. I saw a block that I liked called Star Crossed 9-patch. Making it I could use all my red and white pinwheel by adding some Flying Geese blocks in black and white. I am quite  happy with the direction it is going.

Star Crossed 9-Patch -

Star Crossed 9-Patch –

I have the top about half way done but I have run out of white and black fabric. I didn’t like leaving hubby to go get more so I played around with another project. This one is a Next Door Neighbor block. I made it using the bits of scraps from my Star Crossed quilt. I used Insulbright in the middle with some cotton batting and made a hot pad for my table. This was fun though I wouldn’t want to do an entire quilt with this block… yet. It was kinda hard and took a lot of time to figure it out.

Next Door Neighbor -

Next Door Neighbor –

I sure my guy has a better day today. Yesterday was not a good one for him.

Doesn’t everyone need new hobbies

Sometimes I wonder if I really do need a new hobby. If I look at the time I have available to develop new skills, then no. I shouldn’t start anything new. But if I consider how much enjoyment I get from starting a new interest and developing the skill set necessary to be good at that new interest, then heck yeah! I definitely need a new hobby.

So here it is, my new hobby. Quilting! I am a raw beginner at it, but I am enjoying it greatly. Two of my granddaughters got new quilts for Christmas. My third granddaughter will be getting a new quilt soon. I do love making these!

Kamryn’s bedroom colors are purple (my Purple Girl!), yellowy-gold, and turquoise. Here is her new quilt. It won’t fit on her double bed, but I thought she could wrap up in it while watching TV or cuddling with mommy on the coach.

Kamryn's purple quilt

Kamryn’s purple quilt

Addie has a  new quilt too. Her bedroom colors are pink, green, and white. I tried to make her quilt bright and happy to match her room.

Addie's Quilt

Addie’s Quilt

Addie's Quilt

A close up of Addie’s quilt.

The next quilt is going to be red, white, and black. I am trying out star blocks. It’s so much fun!

Before and After

Shading makes all the difference in the world on these tangles. I have posted a before and after shading picture. In the before picture I shaded the flower and noticed what a huge difference it made. Before my eye had no place to rest and the tangle just looked confusing. After shading it all made sense!

And there is a splotch of ink in one of the leaves. My granddaughter decided to draw in my book. I managed to work all her lines into my design but that one splotch.

Before I added all the shading.

Before I added all the shading.

After I added the shading.

After I added the shading.