Doesn’t everyone need new hobbies

Sometimes I wonder if I really do need a new hobby. If I look at the time I have available to develop new skills, then no. I shouldn’t start anything new. But if I consider how much enjoyment I get from starting a new interest and developing the skill set necessary to be good at that new interest, then heck yeah! I definitely need a new hobby.

So here it is, my new hobby. Quilting! I am a raw beginner at it, but I am enjoying it greatly. Two of my granddaughters got new quilts for Christmas. My third granddaughter will be getting a new quilt soon. I do love making these!

Kamryn’s bedroom colors are purple (my Purple Girl!), yellowy-gold, and turquoise. Here is her new quilt. It won’t fit on her double bed, but I thought she could wrap up in it while watching TV or cuddling with mommy on the coach.

Kamryn's purple quilt

Kamryn’s purple quilt

Addie has a  new quilt too. Her bedroom colors are pink, green, and white. I tried to make her quilt bright and happy to match her room.

Addie's Quilt

Addie’s Quilt

Addie's Quilt

A close up of Addie’s quilt.

The next quilt is going to be red, white, and black. I am trying out star blocks. It’s so much fun!


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