Things to do while the husband is sick and sleeping

My poor, poor husband. He was diagnosed with Influenza Type A yesterday. He’s very sick. He is an active, can’t sit still kind of guy, but all he has done for two days is sleep.

So while he has been sleeping I have cleaned house and disinfected with Lysol. I wiped down everything I could think of to wipe down. Noise hurts his head, so I am trying to keep the house very quiet. My sewing machine is in another part of the house, so I decided to quilt a bit.

I am working on a red, white, and black quilt. I was going to give it to my 13 yo granddaughter, but I don’t think it is fun enough for her. I will make her a quilt in another fashion later. It will probably be softball related. I will have to think on it.

This quilt has had a couple of evolutions. I started out making just a red and white Pinwheel but decided it needed a third color. I saw a block that I liked called Star Crossed 9-patch. Making it I could use all my red and white pinwheel by adding some Flying Geese blocks in black and white. I am quite  happy with the direction it is going.

Star Crossed 9-Patch -

Star Crossed 9-Patch –

I have the top about half way done but I have run out of white and black fabric. I didn’t like leaving hubby to go get more so I played around with another project. This one is a Next Door Neighbor block. I made it using the bits of scraps from my Star Crossed quilt. I used Insulbright in the middle with some cotton batting and made a hot pad for my table. This was fun though I wouldn’t want to do an entire quilt with this block… yet. It was kinda hard and took a lot of time to figure it out.

Next Door Neighbor -

Next Door Neighbor –

I sure my guy has a better day today. Yesterday was not a good one for him.


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