Softball Season

Thank goodness. Softball season is back.

I love sitting with like-minded (crazy about softball) people who love watching their beloved girls out on the field trying their best. My granddaughter is on a great team. The parents get along with no drama (rare), the girls get along with no drama (rarer), and the coaches are terrific.

My granddaughter plays catcher. She is just great at it. I have loved watching her evolve from good to awesome. Her throwdowns to 2nd base this year are strong and accurate. She is the team’s power hitter. What a future for this little girl!

Kaylea popping up to throwdown to 2nd.

Kaylea popping up to throwdown to 2nd.

Now my little Kam is playing t-ball. What a joy to watch the babies learn the love of the game. Her team is just practicing now. Her season starts in a couple of weeks. Cannot wait to cheer her on!



Kam as Minnie Mouse

My little Kammie sat so patiently while I practiced a new face on her. I am still preparing for our fundraiser tomorrow. This is Minnie Mouse.Minnie Mouse