I am preparing for a fundraiser. The agency I work for, TSHA, has its annual fundraiser this coming weekend. My biggest contribution to the event is facepainting.  The theme this year is A Safari Souper Sunday so I’ve been practicing some new safari faces on my grandkids. Here are four of the faces I have done.

Little blue elephant

Bad photo but the paint job was fun.

Bad photo but the paint job was fun.

Fancy Eyes

Credit for the pattern goes to Lisa Joy Young.

Credit for the pattern goes to Lisa Joy Young.


Doodling! It’s good for the brain.

I’ve known since childhood I concentrate better when I doodle. When I am not allowed to doodle my mind drifts off into another world, another space, another time. I end up hearing absolutely nothing of the meeting.

People who don’t doodle don’t seem to understand. And that’s fine. There is no common experience to relate to.  Fellow doodlers grab each other by the elbow, look each other in the eye, and exclaim, “I know! Right?!” Well, maybe it’s not quite as dramatic as that, but there is an acknowledgement of a shared mystery.

I just found an article, or rather Facebook found it for me, that doodlers concentrate better while doodling! Here is a link to the article. There is some pretty amazing doodle/art on the page as well.




Fire King

My husband is a collector. I am a trasher. He gathers; I throw away. He stores; I get rid of. Get the picture?

He does have this fabulous collection of Fire King dishes. When he was a young boy his mother had a breakfast set of Fire King. They weren’t that old when she had them. She has since passed away and he ended up with her old Fire King milk pitcher. That one piece led to another which led to another. Soon he had a sizable collection of Fire King pieces. This is a small sampling of his collection.

Fire King Dishes

Fire King Dishes

Our daughter on the east coast found a gorgeous little divided plate to add to his collection. She wrapped it carefully and shipped to us via UPS. When it arrived the little dish was broken. My husband was so upset. He had been so excited.

Fire King Divided Plate

Fire King Divided Plate

Now the work on trying to collect the insurance money from UPS begins. Last time this happened it took over a year before we had a check in hand.

Snow and Cold

It’s a loooong story. Let me just say this. New all time record snowfall (25″ at my home in two weeks) and new record all time cold (-31 just north of here, -17 at my home). It’s been a long two weeks. It was storm after storm, cold wave after cold wave. It has been quite an experience and a once in a lifetime memory.

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks.

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Drama Queen

I just had to share this story. I love my little Drama Queen. She learned it from the best: Her mother.

I was at Beth and Jeff’s house one day when Beth decided Kam had to get her nails cut. Kam was not happy about it. It seems that she thinks nail cutting is some sort of torture that her mother insists on doing to her on a regular basis. Her expressive little face was way too funny to not take pictures of. She will thank me for this documentation some day.

Ha ha! I like this!

I like this and I wanted to share with someone. This is really neat!

A bit of stuff for the nerds

I admit it. I’m a nerd. However,  I prefer to think of myself as my super hero alter ego, Gadget Girl.

I like gadgets. I like computers. I like learning new things. I like challenging my mind. I like creativity.

Smashing Magazine is a very good site for people wanting to learn more about website programming. They also have great tutorials for using Photoshop. And once a month they have some free gorgeous desktop wallpapers.

Check them out!

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