More quilts and inspiration

My little granddaughter, the 5 year old, really, really, really loved the pink, black, and white quilt I just finished. She begged for it. When I asked what she liked about it she said it was pink and bright.

What my baby Kam wants, my baby Kam gets. Gramma just picked up some more material to make sweet baby Kam a quilt. (Who’s spoiled??) She also likes the color purple to the extreme so my plan is to make a pink, purple, black, and white quilt. The new material will combine with some I already have in my scrap material drawers. I think I will make a log cabin quilt with thick stripes. The finished blacks will be 12″x 12″. The center will be 4″ blocks.

Materials for a pink and purple quilt

Materials for a pink and purple quilt

My oldest granddaughter, 13 years old, has decided to change the color of her bedroom. For a few years now it has been a vivid pink with black and white zebra. Her school mascot is a zebra so everything in her room has reflected that.

She must be growing up because she has now decided to go with teal, black, and white – no zebra. She can still incorporate many things she already has in her room like her new black bean bag chair. This is such a sophisticated color palette. I am a bit surprised that she chose it. This is her inspiration picture. How peaceful is this?! I like the little zings of orange as accent color, but I think Kaylea is going with a coral red. Pretty!



I found this material yesterday and thought it was perfect. It will be the basis for a new quilt for her room. I think it’s lovely. Now to find some additional fabrics and to find the perfect piece with the coral red in it. I don’t want too much though. Just a little flair here and there will be sufficient.

Teal, black, and white material

Teal, black, and white material


Pink, black, and white quilt

A friend of mine at work has a niece that is expecting her first child any day now. She is using pink, black, and white in her nursery. I wanted to do something for the baby. This is a modified log cabin. The blocks are 12″. The quilt is 36″ x 36″. I did a scribbbly quilting in bright pink thread. I was surprised to see how much interest the pink thread added to the quilt. I was very glad I decided to use it!

Pink, black, and white quilt -

Pink, black, and white quilt –

Things to do while the husband is sick and sleeping

My poor, poor husband. He was diagnosed with Influenza Type A yesterday. He’s very sick. He is an active, can’t sit still kind of guy, but all he has done for two days is sleep.

So while he has been sleeping I have cleaned house and disinfected with Lysol. I wiped down everything I could think of to wipe down. Noise hurts his head, so I am trying to keep the house very quiet. My sewing machine is in another part of the house, so I decided to quilt a bit.

I am working on a red, white, and black quilt. I was going to give it to my 13 yo granddaughter, but I don’t think it is fun enough for her. I will make her a quilt in another fashion later. It will probably be softball related. I will have to think on it.

This quilt has had a couple of evolutions. I started out making just a red and white Pinwheel but decided it needed a third color. I saw a block that I liked called Star Crossed 9-patch. Making it I could use all my red and white pinwheel by adding some Flying Geese blocks in black and white. I am quite  happy with the direction it is going.

Star Crossed 9-Patch -

Star Crossed 9-Patch –

I have the top about half way done but I have run out of white and black fabric. I didn’t like leaving hubby to go get more so I played around with another project. This one is a Next Door Neighbor block. I made it using the bits of scraps from my Star Crossed quilt. I used Insulbright in the middle with some cotton batting and made a hot pad for my table. This was fun though I wouldn’t want to do an entire quilt with this block… yet. It was kinda hard and took a lot of time to figure it out.

Next Door Neighbor -

Next Door Neighbor –

I sure my guy has a better day today. Yesterday was not a good one for him.

Doesn’t everyone need new hobbies

Sometimes I wonder if I really do need a new hobby. If I look at the time I have available to develop new skills, then no. I shouldn’t start anything new. But if I consider how much enjoyment I get from starting a new interest and developing the skill set necessary to be good at that new interest, then heck yeah! I definitely need a new hobby.

So here it is, my new hobby. Quilting! I am a raw beginner at it, but I am enjoying it greatly. Two of my granddaughters got new quilts for Christmas. My third granddaughter will be getting a new quilt soon. I do love making these!

Kamryn’s bedroom colors are purple (my Purple Girl!), yellowy-gold, and turquoise. Here is her new quilt. It won’t fit on her double bed, but I thought she could wrap up in it while watching TV or cuddling with mommy on the coach.

Kamryn's purple quilt

Kamryn’s purple quilt

Addie has a  new quilt too. Her bedroom colors are pink, green, and white. I tried to make her quilt bright and happy to match her room.

Addie's Quilt

Addie’s Quilt

Addie's Quilt

A close up of Addie’s quilt.

The next quilt is going to be red, white, and black. I am trying out star blocks. It’s so much fun!