Doodling! It’s good for the brain.

I’ve known since childhood I concentrate better when I doodle. When I am not allowed to doodle my mind drifts off into another world, another space, another time. I end up hearing absolutely nothing of the meeting.

People who don’t doodle don’t seem to understand. And that’s fine. There is no common experience to relate to.  Fellow doodlers grab each other by the elbow, look each other in the eye, and exclaim, “I know! Right?!” Well, maybe it’s not quite as dramatic as that, but there is an acknowledgement of a shared mystery.

I just found an article, or rather Facebook found it for me, that doodlers concentrate better while doodling! Here is a link to the article. There is some pretty amazing doodle/art on the page as well.




More church sketches

Another week, another Sunday, another sketch or two.

Listening to the preacher

Listening to the preacher

Church Sketch

It almost torture to sit still at church and listen to preaching.

Not that our pastor is boring. That’s not it at all. He’s great.

I cannot hardly sit still to listen if I don’t do something with my hands. Even at home I cannot just sit and watch TV without having something in my hands to do. Otherwise I am jumping up every little bit to go do something.

So I sketch. It really does help me listen.


A Sunday Morning Sketch

Just the thing to do while listening to the pastor. It may sound odd to some but I just can’t concentrate unless my hands are busy. Give me a pencil and a piece of paper and my ears are yours. Dunno why that is but there ya go.

These are some quick Sunday morning sketches. One is a member of our congregation and I was interested in capturing his chin. It just caught my eye and wondered if I could get it on paper. I must say the likeness is pretty good.

The second was just a quick little drawing of no one. Do you ever do those?

Sunday Morning Sketch

Sunday Morning Sketch