He does it again!

We had a tiny hole-in-the-wall dining room. My wonderful DIY husband knocked down the wall between the tiny dining room and our old bedroom. It tripled the size of our dining room!
The light fixture that was centered in the tiny dining room is now way off center! We really needed more light in there and needed a new light fixture. What to do about the way off center outlet?
We had these porcelain light shades that were made back in the 20’s-30’s. He had bought them at various time, various places, but they all matched.

He made a frame of from pipe and painted it flat black. It has pendants dropped down at each end and one in the center.

One end is wired to the off center outlet and the other end is fastened to the ceiling. That solved the problem of how to center a light fixture!
The green shades go really well with our Fire King collection. I am so proud of him!

We bought some vintage Edison light bulbs. They cast a soft warm glow in the room and look great!